Q: What program do I need?

A: Our presets are designed to work with Adobe Lightroom (MacOS or Windows). You can download and try Lightroom here.



Q: Will it work on my phone?

A: The mobile Lightroom app unfortunately doesn’t allow to import presets yet, although there is an easy “hack” to get your presets on your phone. This requires having the presets installed on your desktop Lightroom version first. Watch a tutorial on how to do this here.



Q: What if I don’t shoot RAW photos? 

A: The presets will work with many different file formats, such as .raw, .jpeg, .png etc. They are designed to work with photographs from various major camera manufacturers including GoPro, iPhone, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus. But you will get the best results when capturing in raw.



Q: How do I install them?

A: You will receive a guide on how to use and install the presets in your download folder.



Q: How can I download the presets?

A: Once you’ve purchased your preferred preset pack you will receive an instant download link and a confirmation email with a download link as well. The preset folder will come in a Zip file.